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Because UnRavel is such a hit on Tentacl, we decided to turn it into an independent app for your phones! If you're interested in giving it a whirl, join the beta by going to and signing up!

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Some of us know that Robin Williams has left our world, but like his wife said, lets remember the happiness that he shared in our hearts and homes, and how he made us all laugh. So in memory lets tell about what our favorite memories of him were. I myself thought he was the best as the genie in Aladdin But he also won me over as my favorite president Theodore Roosevelt in the night in the museum, and don't forget popeye! :D

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I love this video! The style is too cute and surprisingly sexy. Not gonna lie, this video opened my eyes to the possibilities of plus sized stylishness, there's hope for me yet :')

Everything Else

Based on what you've seen in horror movies, say what you would think to the person above you based entirely on their avatars. Would they die? How would they die? Would they survive? What would be their personality? What horror film character archetype would they fill? Use your imagination, have fun with it. :D

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Just what to know what people do in their spare time.

My hobbies consist of; drawing, watching anime, reading comics, reading manga, jewellery making, video gaming, tabletop, cosplaying, armour making and LARP (live action roleplay)


For non Nutella fan's please just leave if you don't like it ;) It's not like everyone is addicted too it and you don't have to waste you're life on a thread

(Nutella Recipes) )

Sign by Danasoft - Get Your Sign


Science & Technology



Call me crazy, but that ain't freedom.

High IQs Only

Stumbled across this interesting article and thought I'd share.

Our dependence on digital devices may affect sleep and memory

As smartphones have become ubiquitous, parents and teachers have voiced concerns that a technology-rich lifestyle is doing youngsters harm. Research on this question is still in its infancy, but other branches of study can give us a clue to what we are likely to find. Studies on stress, sleep and memory suggest how modern technology might influence our brains and behaviour.

Read the entire article here.

I find it interesting that the breakdown they use to explain the problem is aligned with the technical world--"working memory" vs "short term memory", etc. That said, how fascinating that our use of devices might induce a stress response and ultimately lead to far more problems than they solve.

Makes one wonder if computers might in fact lead to our devolution.
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